Getting the Practice Rig That You Always Wished for.

There are many equipment that come to assist raise the level of the normal sounds of musical instruments and give them a more funky and emotional feel. Finding the balance between practice session and an actual show for musician is difficult because of the number of equipment they have with using an acoustic home which is different from that of a musical show.

Pedal boards are suited with a lot of drives and compressors to produce a priceless sound that is always a source of pride. This becomes difficult for musician to carry the rig all around as they have to leave it in specific places and only access them when they’re going for show. Many guitarists have a separate rig to be using the house while they have another rig in the car to use in musical shows because of the difficulty in bringing the rig in and out with the house. This problem was converted into a business opportunity by Chris Prendergast who designed the Jamstack which is the world’s first attachable guitar amplifier.

The Jamstack is therefore not the first micro amplifier in the market as others existed before with portable amplifiers being available since the 1960s. However, many of them did not deliver on their many promises and made portable arms to be despised by musicians. The Jamstack has a nice outward appearance being a compact speaker that is about 8 inches long. The speaker has a volume knob and three buttons labeled “the third is for Bluetooth” and the headphone jack. On the underside, there is a hole to hook onto the strap button which attaches to the guitar. The hole is however large enough to only accommodate a standard strap button.

This is because direct connection with a smartphone increases the range of possibilities as to the usage of the device. The brand has a list of recommendation on the website as to the apps that will be useful in the device. It sounds fantastic and has a rich tone that amplifies the frequencies across certain signal ranges. It is also possible to use the rig to play songs from your phone and play alongside them with the effects which is a unique feature of Jamstacks. The amplifier can also function as a standalone Bluetooth speaker when you’re not playing the guitar.

In conclusion, the Jamstack rig is not a replacement for performing in a musical show. The device has a good look and is therefore good to carry around for a musician to look cool and technologically savvy.

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