Must-See Attractions in Rome

If you are going on a Roman holiday, then remember to check out these important Roman attractions. There are so many places that you need to see and experience since Rome has a rich history with architecture that isnothing like anything you have seen in your life. Never leave Rome without visiting the following places and you will truly have wonderful memories of the place.

You should first visit the place dedicated to the Roman gods which is the Pantheon. If you visit here, you will truly be impressed by its structure with its granite columns and ancient marble. The center of the buildings ceiling is an opening with a view of the sky. It now houses tombs including the one of the famous artist Raphael.

If you have seen the battle of gladiators in the movies, then you would recognize the Colosseum where these battles where help and which is a famous Roman landmark which is its largest amphitheater. The tourist attraction usually have long queues so if you dont want to wait, make sure to be there at opening time or just before closing.

The Trevi found is a famous wishing well where thousands of people make there wishes by tossing a coin in. This is the most famous fountain in the world.

Another site to visit while in Rome is the Castel SantAngelo which was used as a mausoleum for an Emperors family. The Castel was then transformed into a fortress, then a museum, and years later was used by a film company to make a famous movie. This structure also commemorate Michael, the Archangel who was said to be seen on top of this landmark.

Rome has a creepy history which you can learn about by visiting the Catacombs. These served as burial places for Christians and Jews wo were not allowed to be buried within the city walls. The dead were buried in underground passageways. You should not go in by yourself since you can easily get lost inside. You need to go with a catacomb tour. Find The Roman Guy for these tours.

The famous Spanish steps consist of 135 steps which connects the Spanish embassy to the Trinitia dei Monti Church. This staircase boasts to be the largest and most famous in Europe.

The St. Peters Basilica stands on the place where the Apostle Peters was crucified and was buried. This is a famous landmark for the Catholic relgion. The tallest part of this impressive structure is 400 feet high. Michelangelo designed the dome that stands at the top of this church.

What used to be the center of ancient Rome, the Roman Forum is now reduced to ruins. These are remains of government building that has been preserved even after thousands of years.

To commemorate the first kind of a unified Italy, the Victor Emmanuel II Monument was built.